How Do I Search My iPad for Apps, Music, Movies etc?

1. Access SPOTLIGHT SEARCH by swiping down on the HOME SCREEN.

  • Make sure you don't tap an app when you initially touch your finger on the screen otherwise the iPad will think you want to launch that app.
  • Make sure you don't start the swipe at the very top edge of the screen. This activates the NOTIFICATION CENTRE.


2. You will be given a SEARCH BOX and the on-screen keyboard will pop up. Type the name of the app here.

  • As you start typing the name of the app/movie/music, the results will start filling in just below the search box. You should only need to type in the first few letters before it narrows down enough to show you suitable options.


NOTE: This search feature is for much more than just launching apps. It will search your entire iPad for content, so you can search for a song name, an album or a movie.  It will also search for contacts, search within mail messages, check your Notes and Reminders and even search within many apps. This allows you to search for a movie name and come up with results. Spotlight Search will also search outside of your iPad.  If you are typing an app's name, it will also search the App Store for that app and present a link for you to download it. If you are searching for "pizza", it will check the Maps app for nearby pizza places.