How can I create a screen recording on my iPad?

 1. Add SCREEN RECORDING function to Control Centre

  • Go to Settings
  • Control Centre
  • Customize Controls
  • Tap + next to Screen Recording (this will move screen recording icon into the 'INCLUDE' list


2. Open Control Centre (Swipe up from the bottom of your screen)


3. Start recording (with or without sound)

  • WITHOUT SOUND >> Tap RECORD button. Recording will start after a three second countdown (you will see numbers countdown in the center of the record button)
  • WITH SOUND >> Press and hold the RECORD button. More options will then appear on the screen. Tap MICROPHONE AUDIO to turn on (the microphone symbol will highlight red when microphone is 'on').


4. Record your screen

  • Use the 'countdown' three seconds to navigate back to the screen you wish to start on. 
  • Remember, you can always 'EDIT' a video clip afterwards. So don't panic if the start of the recording is a little 'messy' - you can 'cut' this out later.


5. Stop recording

  • Tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap STOP
  • Or, open Control Center (swipe up from bottom of screen) and tap the red RECORD button


6. You can find the screen recording in your PHOTOS APP