How do I set up a Flexischools account to top up my student's canteen credit?




New Cashless System is here!



Note for New or YR 7 Students - Assigning a student username/student ID number may FAIL and not be recognized, as their student ID cards have not yet been created and distributed. Once your son/daughter receives their student ID card you can link them to the Flexischools Canteen system. In the meantime, students can tell the cafeteria ladies their usernames to access payment for the canteen (as long as there are adequate funds loaded on the account)

Note to Parents who already have a Flexischools account - If you already have an existing Flexischools account, you can continue using the same account+email. However, you might have to RE-ADD your son/daughter if their 'Student Card Number' is not correct. To do this, under 'My Students' click 'Add a student' and fill in your student details again and when prompted to fill in 'Student Card Number' enter their SEQTA Username (guide below) 

Current balances for Previous Canteen accounts will be deducted from the Family balance. Your Family Balance refers to any form of payments you make to the College in the form of fees. This effectively means that any pre-existing funds on old Canteen accounts will automatically go towards paying school fees (You do not lose any money)

Corpus Bus payment may not be active/working at the moment. It should be online this upcoming Monday, 5th Feb.

Online Ordering is currently not active/working. It may take 2 weeks before it is online. More information will be sent out soon!


Stay in control of your students’ on-campus spending with the Flexischools cashless card system…

Sending your student to school with loose change is old school! Flexischools cashless card system links a students’ existing Corpus Christi School ID card to their Flexischools account, allowing them to purchase securely on the school grounds without the need for cash. They may also use their card for the Corpus Bus.

  • Parents set up a Flexischools account online and pre-load the account with funds.
  • Students make purchases at the canteen by swiping their card at the cash register.
  • Meals can be pre-ordered online and picked up (Note that Online Ordering system will be introduced soon)
  • On-screen photo ID security protects your account from lost or stolen cards.
  • Parents can view their students’ purchases online and can set a daily spending limit


How to get started with Flexischools…

Skip step 1 if you already have a Flexischools account!

1. Register for Flexischools by visiting Click REGISTER. Add an email account - You can use your personal email address. You will receive an email from Flexischools. Please open it and follow the instructions. Add your student, their school (Corpus Christi) and their year to get started. ​

During card setup, when prompted to enter the ‘Student Card Number’ please enter your son/daughters' SEQTA Learn Username

 How to identify your SEQTA Learn Username if you unsure what it is:

 A students' SEQTA username will generally be in the form of

First letter of First Name + Full last name + Sometimes a number digit

 Correct username examples:

 John Connor = Jconnor

 Hayley Smith = Hsmith2 

(In the second case, a '2' has been added due to a duplicate name, common last names will often have a number digit suffix)

 Their username is also always the first part of their student email e.g:

Old versions of Student ID Cards might have an outdated form of username printed on their card 

 e.g: CONNJ20 - This ID is incorrect and will not work for a student named John Connor

 You may check if a username is correct by logging into SEQTA Learn at

 SEQTA Learn Password: Will be their own password if it has been changed (same as school email password). If not, the default password that is allocated to new students is: Welcome#1


2. Top-Up your account via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or direct deposit

3. Add the student ID card by selecting ‘Setup card number’. This is located on the My Students page under the link used to start an order. Enter the students’ SEQTA username under ‘Student Card Number’ (the same username used to log in to the student’s SEQTA account). Click ‘Save’. You may add multiple students under one account.

4. Set a daily spending limit in your student profile to control spending via cashless card.

5. Students can now pay with their cashless card and funds are debited from your Flexischools account balance. Top up more funds when necessary.


How much does it cost?

Online Ordering Fees -                $0.29 per canteen order

Cashless Card (Swiping) Fees - $0.00 usage fee

Account Top-Up Fees -               Direct Deposit $0.00

                                                      Credit card (visa/mastercard) $0.15 + 1%

                                                      PayPal $0.15 + 1%