How do I setup Family Sharing?

When Family Sharing has been setup, the following features are available for all members within the family sharing group:

  • Share purchases from iTunes, iBooks and App Store without needing to share accounts.
  • Pay for purchases with the same Debit or Credit Card and approve purchase requests made by children using a parent's device via the "Ask to Buy" feature. 
  • Share your device's location with other family members. 

To set up Family Sharing:

  1. Decide which parent or guardian the Organiser will be. The Organiser creates the Family Sharing group, then invites up to five additional family members. The Organiser is responsible for adding a Debit or Credit Card as the shared payment method, as well as approving "Ask to Buy" requests from children.
  2. On the Organiser's device, open the Settings application, tap iCloud > Set Up Family Sharing.
  3. Follow the prompts.

For more details on the process, refer to the Apple links below.