How do I add money to my student's Cafeteria account?

Your student’s accounts have already been attached to the linked parent profile. Simply login to the My Student Account Web Portal with your existing SEQTA Engage (formally Coneqt-P) username and password through

You can also access the site via the Public website and SEQTA Engage portal.

Your children’s names will be visible and you can electronically deposit funds to their debit card, view transactions and manage their accounts.

For a full explanation of the My Student Account system, please refer to the Help Section on the My Student Account Student Account Administration page.

What does it cost?

Topping up your account using BPAY incurs no cost however, using a credit card will incur a 29c transaction fee, and we therefore recommend you look at your projected usage and top up your account accordingly to minimise the cost.

If you have any queries please send them through to the ICT Helpdesk.