What resources are available in the library?

A wide variety of resources are available in the library to assist students with research and study:

Shelf Resources

  • Fiction books: including novels, picture books and graphic novels
  • Non Fiction books: on a wide range of topics
  • Magazines: including TIME, Australasian Science, TechnologyEd and various lifestyle magazines
  • Newspapers: including The Australian and The West Australian

You can browse, find the location and availability of Shelf Resources by using the online Library Catalogue.


Online Resources

  • LibGuides: are research guides that have been categorised by subject. Each LibGuide has been hand tailored to include links to relevant resources, such as videos, books, interactive activities and scholarly database resources. 
  • Overdrive: a collection of eBooks that can be borrowed and read on both iPad and laptop devices.
  • ClickView: a video on demand service that has a wide variety of documentaries and TV shows that have been categorised by subject.
  • Databases: a wide range of scholarly, archive and online resources, including: Encyclopedia Britannica and the National Library of Australia Trove

These online resources can be found on the Library Portal. You may be prompted to login using your Corpus Christi College network account when using these online resources.

Feel free to speak with a Library staff member if you would like assistance on accessing and using these resources.